ARETE (Greek: ἀρετή), n. Excellence, Prowess, Merit.

Why Mental Performance Consulting?

Think back to when you've felt nervous. A presentation for work. Free throws with your team down by one. Auditioning for a part. Taking a exam. Were you at less than your best? Did your hands shake? Did your heart race? Did you have a “pit” in your stomach?
If so, you were experiencing what is known as the “human stress response" - A complex combination of physical and mental processes that work together to either drive or undercut our performance in high pressure situations.
Without coping strategies, our stress response can work against our success and make us miserable. But, by learning the right skills and techniques, we can make it a tool for achieving personal excellence.

How does it work?
We train our physical skills with deliberate practice
Shouldn't we train our mental skills the same way?


The mind and the body work together, determining how we react to pressure and stress . Training our minds helps to train our bodies. Arete Performance provides the following services:

Consulting for Organizations & Coaching Staffs

In an athletic and professional settings, we often work in groups. Coaches create a climate for their teams, teachers for their classrooms, and managers for their employees. Learn how to create an environment optimized for success.

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Coaching for Individual Performers

Athletic performance. Artistic performance. Academic performance. Three seemingly different settings with surprisingly similar challenges. Improve your performance by learning the mental skills and techniques needed to master your specific obstacles.

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Public Speaking Workshops & Coaching

Your hands shake, your heart races, your voice quivers. Public speaking / performing is a common fear. Find out why “thinking your way through it” never seems to work and learn the skills to tame your anxieties and make your public speaking a strength.

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Prep-level Student Athletics

Before establishing Arete Performance, Rob Latimer had over a decade of teaching experience in independent high schools. Student-athletes face unique challenges. Because of our background, Arete Performance is particularly suited to address both sides of the student-athlete experience. We love seeing our clients excel in every performance setting, and we take a special joy in helping our student-athlete clients grow and thrive on both the playing field and in the classroom.
Coaches in high schools also face a unique challenge. They must care for both the educational and athletic goals of their athletes and programs. Prep-level sports emphasize the development of mental skills and character habits that will benefit student-athletes their whole lives. Because of our experience, we are familiar with both the athletic and educational challenges of that mission.
Arete Performance can support your program, your department, and/or your school. We'll partner with you in nurturing those skills and habits and ensuring they transfer to the classroom and beyond. No matter your performance challenges, we're ready to help you achieve your goals.

What we can do for your Student-Athlete or School

What our clients say

  • During the consultation, I felt that the questions Rob posed were useful in defining my goals. I found our work to be very effective in crystallizing my goals and anticipating and accounting for obstacles that I will face. I ended up feeling that everything seemed much more ‘doable’ than I was thinking it would be.


    Former Collegiate Athlete
  • Before working with Rob, I did not feel confident as a speaker. Arete’s method of giving precise feedback and allowing for immediate integration of that feedback by trying again allowed me to grow leaps and bounds even in a one hour session. By focusing on body language, eye contact, tone and vocal approach, I grew to enjoy speaking to groups and saw it as an opportunity to connect with people rather than something scary to survive. Thank you, Rob!

    Sarah C.

    Curricular & Professional Development Director at an Independent School
  • Rob is a fantastic listener who has the patience and skill to help even the most talented player or coach navigate their mental approach challenges. He has taught our coaches and scholar-athletes skills using practical concepts and techniques which have helped elevate their games. Rob really takes the time to get to know you which helps him in crafting a plan for your improvement.

    Tyrone P.

    Athletic Director & Head Coach

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