Why is it important?

Even across different settings (athletics, performing arts, academics), the processes that hinder peak performance are often quite similar. The key to performance isn't finding the "magic words" to solve one specific problem. The key is developing adaptable skills and habits of mind.

How can we help?

No matter whether your challenges are athletic, academic, or artistic, we can help you develop the skills to achieve your personal performance goals. We have experience with many different performance settings and can help with many more.

What will we do together?

We'll partner with you as you meet your personal challenges. No matter the setting, together we'll develop the skills to achieve both your current *and* your future success.

While we’re more experienced with certain performance fields, we can support your growth in nearly any setting. In fact, even in familiar fields our focus is on your needs specifically, not just what people “usually” face in similar situations. Working together, the goal is always to draw from our experience and expertise to find the mental performance skills that are best for you.

We seek to partner with you and understand your unique situation; this often leads performers to a deeper understanding of themselves. Our process is founded upon collaboration. We begin by listening to you. Your experiences, your challenges, your strengths – those are the foundation for the work we will do together.

Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. – Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina

Performance breakdowns tend to be unique to the individual. The end result of “peak performance” may be similar for different people, but your path to that goal will be unlike any other. While mental skills and techniques transfer across different performance settings, the way you use each should be tailored to your needs.

Arete Performance will assist you in finding your individualized solutions, no matter your situation.

  • Individual athletic performance
  • Team athletic performance
  • Coaching staffs
  • Academic or test-taking anxiety
  • Teachers looking to foster mindfulness and reduce student anxiety in the classroom
  • Artistic performance
  • Stage fright and audition anxiety
  • Public speaking anxiety
  • And many more.

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