Athletic performance. Artistic performance. Academic performance. Three seemingly different settings with surprisingly similar challenges. Improve your performance by learning the mental skills and techniques needed to master your specific obstacles.

Whatever your performance setting, our work together
will be tailored to your goals and aspirations.

We provide one-on-one performance enhancement consultation for many fields and settings. Whether an athlete preparing for the next level of competition, an actor or musician looking to knock ’em dead at your next audition, or a student seeking to tame your nerves and ace your upcoming exam, we can help you achieve your goals.

Your experience and program will be as unique as you are. Skill areas commonly addressed include:

  • Goal-Setting
    • Time management & organization
    • Envisioning outcomes
    • Developing process-oriented action steps
  • Concentration & Focus
    • Distraction analysis & control skills
    • Attention management
    • Focusing & re-focusing
  • Anxiety Management & Relaxation
    • Emotional reflection and management
    • Breathing regulation
    • Stress inoculation
  • Imagery & Visualization
    • Mental practice
    • Guided imagery to understand performance breakdowns
    • Guided imagery to establish positive new patterns
  • Positive Self-Talk
    • Calming self-talk
    • Motivational cues & mantras
    • Energy management

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