In an athletic and professional settings, we often work in groups. Coaches create a climate for their teams, teachers for their classrooms, and managers for their employees. Learn how to create an environment optimized for success.

However you want to grow and whatever challenges you face,
we can help you achieve your goals.

We provide performance enhancement consultation on a wide variety of subjects and settings. Common topics for workshops & instruction include:

  • For Coaches & Athletic Departments
    • Effective communication skills & feedback styles
    • Optimal practice & drill structure
    • Encouraging team cohesion & creating a team-oriented motivational climate
  • For Teams & Players
    • Goal setting
    • Anxiety management
    • Focus skills: Attention & concentration
    • Positive self-talk
    • Imagery & Visualization
  • For Schools & Academic Institutions
    • Understanding student stress
    • Reducing test-taking anxiety
    • Creating a supportive and mindful classroom climate
    • Time management & organization

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