Your hands shake, your heart races, your voice quivers. Public speaking / performing is a common fear. Find out why “thinking your way through it” never seems to work and learn the skills to tame your anxieties and make your public speaking a strength.

There are few experiences that capture the stresses
of our modern world like public speaking.
But there are also few skills that are more crucial to success.

Professional presentations, proposals to clients, auditions for tv or films – someone who communicates well and connects with their audience has a clear advantage over those who don’t. However, for a skill that is so important, public speaking is often misunderstood.

Public speaking is a performance skill.

The challenges public speakers face – those shaking hands, that racing heart – are physical challenges, like those in sport or artistic performance. The skills that make good speakers so engaging – body language, eye contact, tone of voice – are physical skills, like those of an athlete or dancer/musician.

We offer both workshops and one-on-one coaching designed so you’re learning the right skills in the right ways. You will:

  • Learn and practice in front of a live audience
  • Receive individualized feedback tailored to your skill level and personal goals
  • Engage in repeated practice, ensuring your skills are deeply learned
  • Have the opportunity to review recorded video and see yourself how your audience sees you

No matter which setting you choose, our work together will build on your strengths and your communication style. We’re here to help you become the best public speaker you can be.

Contact us today to begin your individualized consultation or inquire about our public workshop schedule.