“Success is peace of mind…knowing you made the effort to do your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming.” – John Wooden

Think about times you haven’t been at your best. Why did that “performance breakdown” happen? Which of these experiences have you had?

  • Underperformed in athletics because of a mental lapse or because you couldn’t refocus after a setback.
  • Practiced a speech repeatedly, only to have adrenaline and anxiety make you jittery and keep you from connecting with your audience.
  • Prepared for an exam only to have anxiety or nervousness cause you to freeze up, leaving you asking “How could I have forgot that? I knew it so well!”

In sport and artistic performance we extensively train our physical skills, but performance breakdowns are most often mental – why not train our mental skills in the same way? With academic and business performance there is often a heavy focus on what you know rather than how you feel. Since both are essential, why do we only train one?

These performance breakdowns occur because we are only training one set of our skills. We are whole people and the best approach is one that trains every skill that contributes to our performance.

Mental skills are essential to everything we do.
We should train them as deliberately as we train all our skills.

Peak Performance is the best version of you that you can be. It is the combination of your talent and your effort, of your skills and your focus. We achieve Peak Performance when both the physical and mental are working toward a single goal.

That is the foundational principle of Performance Psychology and the core of the Performance Enhancement Consultation here at Arete Performance. We help you train and improve your whole self.

The Core of Our Approach:

  • You are the expert on you: We partner with you to achieve your goals.
  • We learn best from meaningful success. The key to growth and improvement is challenging yourself to reach just beyond your current skills.
  • Reaching Peak Performance is a challenge, and challenges are stressful. Rather than trying to avoid stress, learn how to manage it and let it fuel your growth.

Arete Performance will work with you to develop your mental “tool kit.”

We approach performance enhancement training from with a “build it” mindset rather than a “fix it” mindset. Every performer faces “bumps in the road.” The right skills can make sure those become steps in your improvement rather than problems that need “repair.”

Find out how we can support individual performers and teams, organizations and coaching staffs, and with public speaking performance.

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